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10 Amazing and Unique Anime Girl Cosplay Ideas!

Easy Anime Costumes & Cosplay Ideas For Girls

We all love our cute Anime girl cosplay!

For almost all eternity (or since when Anime has become mainstream), we all have a Waifu from an Anime series that we totally adore! There a lot of reasons why we want to dress up as our favorite Anime girl.

So if you’re looking for amazing Anime girl cosplays, then this post is for you. I will be going through 10 Anime girl cosplay ideas.

1. Raphtalia from The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Best Anime cosplay female)

Raphtalia is not only adorable and someone you want to PROTECC, but she’s also an amazing swordswoman who ends up kicking a lot of ass in the show. I feel like Raphtalia is one of the more well-known cute Anime girl cosplay ideas out there right now!

2. Nezuko from Demon Slayer (one of the hot Anime cosplay ideas right now!)

Nezuko is Tangerou’s younger sister and she has that iconic look mouth guard that makes her look unique. Of course, if you decide to cosplay her, you won’t be the only one. But if you love Demon Slayer and love Nezuko, then who cares?

3. Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist (Evilest Anime girl)

Even though Fullmetal Alchemist is (somewhat) an older series, the show is still on top up to this day. And one of the more well-known characters from FMA is Lust. Why? She’s got that sexy, seductively-evil look. And she’s really easy to do: long black dress, black hair/wig and claws. So if you want to add another anime cosplay female to your list, Lust should be one of them!

4. Lucy from Fairy Tail (great Anime girl outfit ideas)

Lucy from Fairy Tail. A favourite for many cosplayers, Lucy is very easy to pull off!…Lucy Heartfilia is a girl with a ton of confidence and sex appeal, while also being someone that’s kind and caring. She’s easily recognizable from the show Fairy Tail, and you don’t have to do much in order to cosplay as her!

5. Erina from Food Wars (Tsundere Anime girl clothes ideas)

Erina is your typical Tsundere girl; just stone cold and hard to impress. But when it comes to great food, Soma is always able to make her foodgasm! It doesn’t take much to cosplay the main female Anime girl from Food Wars. So if you’re looking for someone easy to do, Erina is your girl!

6. Hinata from Naruto (one of the more popular cute Anime girl cosplay ideas)

Maybe this is just my opinion, but Hinata is far more lovable than Sakura is. Why? Because Hinata was an incredibly weak and shy girl in the beginning of Naruto, but overcame her weaknesses to become a strong ninja in the end. It’s this kind of story that makes her well-received. Not to mention she’s the love interest of Naruto himself! Hinata is very well-known, and makes for a great couples cosplay!

7. Saber from Fate

One of the most iconic characters of all Anime, Saber has been a mainstay in Fate throughout the years. She’s the perfect heroine to the story and does not let anyone distract from her goals. Her outfit is really cool, so she’s definitely a great character to cosplay!

8. Hestia from Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Hestia is a very polarizing character from Danmachi! She is either your perfect Waifu Anime girl, or she is another overrated character that you have to ignore because everyone else loves her. Either way, Hestia is a good choice if you want someone easy to cosplay. You really just need a white mini-dress and her signature long-black hair!

9. Zero Two from Darling in the Franxxx (badass Anime girl cosplay!)

The main heroine of Darling in the Franxxx, Zero Two (or 002) is a badass pilot with an icy personality. Even though Hiro is the main character of the series, Zero Two easily steals the spotlight with her energetic nature. If you decide to cosplay her, you can either go for her sleek bodysuit or the dress outfit.

10. Midnight from My Hero Academia (Hot Anime cosplay)

Midnight is a faculty member of the high school teaches Modern Heroism. She is known to be voluptuous and flaunts her sexiness, while being a little sadistic at the same time. You know, like a dominatrix.

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