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10 cosplay quotes to sharing with you

1. “You’re never too old to cosplay “ ~Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay is one of the most popular and talent cosplayers out there! This year she made a short YouTube video on her 37th birthday, talking about how you’re never too old to cosplay. The video is less than a minute long, but it perfectly sums why getting older is not that big of a deal in the cosplay world.

In the video, she mentions how she’s having more fun creating cosplays now vs what she was making 10 years ago. That makes sense, as your inexperience with costume-making can definitely lead to frustrating moments at times. But when you’re older and more experienced, you have less of that.

Another good point Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay brings up is money. When you’re older, you’re going to a LOT more money now than when you were in your teens and 20s.

2. “You can cosplay whoever you want“

Well you can, but not without potentially offending people. In other words, offensive cosplays are generally not allowed. This includes doing cosplays such as changing your skin color or cosplaying someone that’s disrespectful.

The saying, “You can cosplay whoever you want!” does come from a good place though. But you definitely need to be careful, as some cosplays can be offensive to people. For example, it’s disrespectful to darken your skin for a cosplay, so don’t do that. Also, stay away from characters that perpetuate racial stereotypes.

The reason why I included this as one of the cosplay quotes because of how misleading it is. When it comes to cosplay creativity, do not let anyone stop you. But when it comes to respecting others, there are definitely limits you must know.

3. “Cosplaying is supposed to be fun “

Cosplay is fun because you really get on your hands on making creative designs for your costumes that represent the characters you adore or relate to.

4. “Cosplay has to be accurate.”

Although accurate cosplays are beautiful and wonderful, you don’t have to strive for accuracy with your costumes. It truly is up to you! Having an accurate-looking costume can make you stand out and there’s a lot of fun and passion doing an accurate cosplay that’s challenging.



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