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5 Amazing and Unique Anime Girl Cosplay Ideas!

We all have a Waifu from an Anime series that we totally adore! So if you’re looking for amazing Anime girl cosplays, then this post is for you. I will be going through 10 Anime girl cosplay ideas.

Without further ado, let’s get started with Anime girl cosplay ideas

#1  Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist (Evilest Anime girl)

Lust is primarily known for toying with the feelings of humans, primarily male, before surprising them with an incredibly sharp poke right through the chest with her deadly fingernails. CaptainIrachka captures her inviting yet deadly personality perfectly, as her expression beckons unsuspecting strangers to come forward while her pointed weapons reveal her true nature. Her makeup and wig are spot-on, and the choice to have the underside of her gloves be nude to simulate Lust’s real hands is an amazingly creative touch.

#2 Raphtalia from The Rising Of The Shield Hero | Best Girl Anime cosplay

She loves to spread good cheer and make friends, and this cosplayer brings us a joyful Raphtalia who’s dressed nicely and has a warm smile on her face. If it’s Christmas Eve, we’ll bet that Raphtalia got a gift for just about everyone.

#3 Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

One of the things that helps to make Erza feel like a more three-dimensional character is that she isn’t just one thing. She isn’t just a talented fighter who takes her job super seriously. She isn’t just the primary leader of the current generation of Fairy Tail. She’s also kind of a goof who loves sweets. She wants to be taken seriously both on the battlefield and as a woman. Over the course of the series, we see Erza often curious about the latest fashion trends, and while she’s often off-base (and has a strange love of bunny outfits), it still makes her endearing as a character that she’s tryin

#4 Matsumoto Rangiku Bleach

Rangiku is an attractive woman with long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair (worn short in her youth), icy blue eyes, and a beauty spot to the right of her mouth.She also shares Orihime’s strange taste in food. She dresses in the garb typical of shinigami, though her robes hang loose enough for her ample bosom to be revealed. She wears a necklace and a pink scarf over her shoulders. In addition, her lieutenant’s armband is worn on her uniform’s sash, as opposed to around the arm.

#5 Ahri from League of Legends

Ahri is a vastaya who can reshape magic into orbs of raw energy. She revels in toying with her prey by manipulating their emotions before devouring their life essence. Despite her predatory nature, Ahri retains a sense of empathy as she receives flashes of memory from each soul she consumes.

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