10 Easy Anime Cosplay ideas

Easy anime cosplay sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? However, it is possible! For this post, we’ve consulted some of the best cosplay players in the Sentai Filmworks office to create a list of anime cosplay ideas that are easy for you.

#1 Fuku Sailor Moon Scout Anime Cosplay Costume 

Bring your Sailor Moon fantasy to life by wearing one of these adorable anime costumes. Sailor scouts have the noble assignment of fighting evil forces for instance the Negaverse minions.

Sailor Moon takes the lead over them, using her finishing move to destroy the enemy in one swift move. Put on this costume and appeal to your inner “moon prism power”, and there will be no end to what you can achieve.

#2 Astolfo Anime Cosplay Costume 

The best part about cosplay ideas for girls, is that there is a perfect look for everyone out there. If you have been faulted for a self-indulgent personality that is all about living in the moment, then the Astolfo anime character defines you perfectly.

#3 Elf Ears – The Perfect Anime Costume Accessory

Some of the most outstanding anime cosplay ideas revolve around various elf costumes. But we all know that none of them would be complete without this pair of signature elf ears. They measure about five and a half inches, the perfect length to ensure they achieve the intended effect.

#4 The Five Star Stories Anime Manga Costume 

Get a chance to spend your next cosplay event as Princess Lie Ex from The Five Star Stories. Her royal attire will turn you from ordinary to awesome in no time at all! In the show she is a highly accomplished engineer with doctorates in physics and engineering.

#5 Hatsune Miku Costume 

The Hatsune Miku anime costume might be what you need to take your vocal talent out of the bathroom and into the mainstream. The 16-year old girl behind the costume stars in Vocaloid, a synthesizing software for music.

She can sing, dance and play every imaginable instrument, the very personalization of what we would all love to be! Probably walking in her costume for a day will provide the inspiration you need.

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